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Hazel Priest has graduated from Solent University, Southampton, where she achieved a 'First Class Bachelor Honour Degree' in Film production. Hazel based her education undertaking the role of Producer, as well as Production Managing and Directing throughout her projects.
Hazel enjoys managing short films and promotional videos. Hazel also enjoys creating content with an emotion and strong story to drive the project forward. Hazel has a strong work ethic and has an innovative drive. She is a creative and organised individual who is number focussed with a marketing and media background with client relations experience. Hazel would describe herself as an influential person with strong leadership qualities who thrives on developing her skill set further in the creative industry.

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Recent Events

Graduation, July 2019

Graduation, July 2019

Graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Film Production.

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Solent Sofia Awards, May 2019

Solent Sofia Awards, May 2019

Dovetail win 'Best Technical Achievement' and 'Best Film'.

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On The Rocks Studios

Hazel Priest is the CEO and Producer at On The Rocks Studios, based on an emotional heart felt story that made her the strong, independent person that she is today, with a different outlook on life. The company was formed based on family, home and strength. It is to show the strength and courage that people face every day, and how we can all overcome different experiences by looking at our past, dealing with the present and to create our future.

On the Rocks Studios, is an entertainment company headquartered in Hampshire, England.
A diligent and innovating corporation who thrive in developing state-of-the-art work involving short films, documentaries and promotional videos. On The Rocks Studios was founded in 2018, to form together a group of individuals, creating visionary content to rise up through the industry.

To get more information about On The Rocks Studios, please look at their website at www.ontherocksstudios.com

On The Rocks Studios On The Rocks Studios



With Hazel's experience and knowledge of the creative industry, she is able to professionally bring the creative and organised skill set to successfully produce and manage a production. Hazel will can over look a production, whilst planing and coordinating various aspects throughout a production; involving script, editing, directing and arranging finances.

Production Manager/ Co-ordinator

Hazel will assess projects, review documentation for management and production staff. Will plan and delegate daily work throughout the production staff, agree on budgets and timescales and negotiate with clients. Hazel will ensure the health and safety of the cast and crew and will manage the project where required.

Line Producer, Finance

Hazel is number focussed, is able to work to a large production budget and is has an advance skill set using Microsoft Excel. Hazel is organised and has experience with client relations, preparing reports, budgets, and invoices. As well as working on the budget, Hazel can also use her managerial skill set in leadership and collaboration on a production.

Production Assistant

Hazel is confidently able to assistant where needed. Preparing the set of a production, assisting with directors, producers and other production crew members. I am able to organise and distribute daily paperwork, work and learn from working with superior members of the team.


As well as managing productions, Hazel is also a creative and influential photographer, working on Behind the Scenes of projects, Weddings and Proms. Hazel has 6 years experience in photographing large events, capturing the special moments and able to capture photographs for behind the scenes productions at a professional level for peoples portfolios and campaigns.

Post Production - Editor

Hazel's main focus is production, but is also an experienced editor working on several short films and documentaries. Hazel has an eye for creating content and piecing together footage to create a story. Hazel primarily works with Adobe Premiere Pro with experienced in Final Cut and Avid.



Please feel free to contact me for further information on my services, pricing, or and queries you may have and I will get back to you as soon as I can.